A Wee Trip Doon Memory Lane

Reminisce at Bellshill Cultural Centre

Let’s take a wee trip to yesteryear with Mark in Bellshill Cultural Centre. Come along, as we take a wee trip doon memory lane, as we remember the good old days and remember good music, and how we danced the night away!

Are ye Dancin? Are ye askin?… Have a favourite band or night club? Where was your favourite venue? Attend a concert? Mark would love to hear your stories and happy memories. Tea and Cake will be available (The bar is closed, sorry folks) Everyone is welcome.

We hope to make this a regular group meeting. The next session will be on Tuesday 27 February, 2pm. Join Mark to chat about this session’s theme of music and dancing, remembering favourite songs, clubs, concerts and dancing.

For more information call Bellshill Cultural Centre on 01698 346770.