Exhibitions at Summerlee Museum


Open now until 23 January 2022

MENS SPACES are an initiative by North Lanarkshire Council, Community Learning & Development. They provide spaces where Mens can take part in a variety of activities.

The Coatbridge group chose to come to the Summerlee Photomedia Studio to take part in an informal photography based program over a 10-week period with tutor, Alice Malone.

Their results are displayed at Summerlee Museum for visitors to enjoy.






man falling through roofR!SK

19 March – 5 June 

A spill, a slip, a hospital trip. Oh dear! The world around us can be a hazardous place but over the years people have come up with clever ways to protect themselves.

We look at the sometimes hidden dangers in and outside of the home in this fun, interactive and educational exhibition for all the family. See how people protected themselves in the past – did we really take such risks? Explore the rooms of a crazy house where danger lurks around every corner – how many will you spot?


School Workshop available for P1-4 (HWB16a)

Visit the R!sk exhibition at Summerlee museum with your class and learn about safety at work, examine historical artefacts relating to risk and protection and help the children discuss ways to stay safe at work, school, and play.

Workshop duration 90 mins Cost £44.

Contact the learning and access team for more information or to book.


'Matinee to-day at 2pm' signGlitz and Glamour – The Golden Age of Cinema in Scotland

30 June – 23 October

From stars of the silver screen to uniformed doormen and usherettes selling ice-cream, going to the pictures infused a taste of Hollywood into Scottish lives during the twentieth century.

This colourful exhibition showcases artefacts from Scotland’s largest cinema collection, from picture house furnishings and vintage vending trays to ushers’ uniforms, film posters and movie magazines. Vibrant visuals, archival film footage and audio clips from former picture-goers make this a treat for the senses, so take a trip down memory lane and immerse yourself in the glamour of cinema’s golden age!

Includes children’s activities and free film screenings. Cinema Memories loan box available, plus extra activities at weekends and during school holidays – call 01236 638352 for details.

Activities for families every weekend and during the school holidays. Cinema loan boxes for school and reminiscence available.