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About our Collections:

Industrial history, social history and more…

There are over 30,000 objects in our museum collections, dating from Roman times to the present day.

North Lanarkshire is also home to one of the finest industrial history collections in Scotland.

In 2009 the Industrial and Associated Social History Collection was awarded ‘Recognition’ status by the Scottish Government due to its local, regional and national importance.

Information about our resources can be accessed at the Scottish Archive Network. Free access to the website is available in the search room.

Please visit the Scottish Archives Network catalogue for more details for most of our collections. Use the code GB1778 in the Archive Reference search window.


Industrial History: The collection covers a broad range of industries and trades, concentrating on the west of Scotland, with an emphasis on iron, steel, coal and engineering. This is complemented by a collection of engines and locomotives as well as objects connected with a range of ancillary industries from brick, confectionery and curling stone manufacture to printing, textiles and laundry. Together the collection represents over 200 years of Scottish industrial development and reflects the diversity of Scottish ingenuity and enterprise.

Social History: The Social History collection is the largest numerically with over 18,000 objects. The collection relates to the communities involved in local industries. Key categories of material held include objects relating to heath & well being, domestic life, leisure, culture, education and wartime. The collection represents the social impact of industrialisation in Scotland and is an important record of everyday life in North Lanarkshire.

Other Collections: As well as social and industrial history, the museum collections includes items relating to archaeology, natural history, fine art, applied art, numismatics and ethnography.

Our curators would be happy to advise on the different collections and viewing of items in the stores can be arranged by request.

Donating Objects: The museums service welcomes the donation of objects for the North Lanarkshire collections. Our curators would be happy to speak with anyone considering such a move. Loans and bequests are equally welcome.

We have produced a set of forms for use when donations, loans and bequests are being agreed between our curators and members of the public.

These are available from our curators, but for your interest we have added them to our web site as downloadable pdf forms.  However, if wishing to donate or borrow an object, then originals will have to be signed at the curatorial office, as they are numbered in triplicate. This is to meet the procedural requirements of North Lanarkshire Council and also to retain our status as a guardian of a Museums Galleries Scotland ‘Recognised Collection’.

Our Collecting Policy is available to download HERE.

Who to contact: Our curators would be happy to advise on the different collections and viewing of items in the stores can be arranged by request.


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