Exhibitions at Airdrie Town Hall


30 January – 11 March 2019

Mining the Monklands

Explore, through objects and images, the story of coal mining in Lanarkshire – from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, to its final days in the 1980s. On display for the first time, the watch and medal awarded to teenager John McCabe for his heroism in the 1918 Stanrigg Colliery Disaster. 100 years ago, Lanarkshire produced around half of Scotland’s coal. Over 40% of the Scottish coal workforce was located in Lanarkshire alone – about 65,000 men and women across the county. Airdrie and the surrounding area were a rich
source of coal for centuries. Coal, before oil, was the life blood of society. It powered everything from transport and industry to cooking a meal at home. Today, not a single deep mine is left in Lanarkshire. Is it now just a historical footnote?


20 March – 10 June 2019

St Timothy’s Primary School Coatbridge – Create

This exhibition shows the fantastic work produced by children across primary 1 to primary 7 from St Timothy’s Primary school, Coatbridge. The school worked in partnership with CultureNL’s Community Arts Team to deliver a multi-arts project in the school between August 2018 and March 2019. Through this unique project, every child in the school enjoyed a huge range of experiences through visual art, drama and music. Documentary images of the project and a display of artwork illustrates their inspiring creative journey.


10 August – 21 October 2019

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade showcases a small selection of tools from North Lanarkshire’s Nationally Recognised Industrial and associated Social History Collections. Alongside the tools you can also see historic photographs of local people at work, in an era when most work in and out of the home was done by hand. The saying goes, ‘always have the right tool for the job!’ Many types of tools haven’t changed in thousands of years, while others have appeared and disappeared quickly with the advance of technology and automation. Even today though, working with our hands is still important in many jobs and hobbies.


11 November – 16 December 2019

Yvonne Clark

This exhibition showcases local artist, Yvonne Clark’s latest work. Yvonne reconnected with her love of the visual arts a number of years ago having run a successful dance school for over 30 years. She said: “My passion for art began at Caldervale High School, fuelled by my truly inspiring art teacher, Bert Cairns. However, my career took a different path when I left school, and dance, a childhood hobby, became my focus.” Fortunately, when time permitted Yvonne came
back to drawing and painting and in recent years she has attended local art classes and courses
run by CultureNL. Yvonne added: “I have learned so much and keep working away to improve my paintings. My work is inspired by my life experience and travels.”