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Welcome to our second new look community arts programme, Arts and You.
It’s about creativity, it’s about getting involved, it’s about arts and you!

Ever thought about learning to play guitar, take great photographs, write stories or make ceramics? Learn these and many more skills with our great new programme. Discover your talent and discover the new you!



Introducing our team of Arts Development Officers…


anne louiseAnne Louise Kieran
Arts Development Officer (Visual Art)
t: 01236 632828 / e:


LauraLaura McIver
Development Officer (Performing Arts – Drama)
t: 01236 632828 / e:


Creative Writing
t: 01236 856232 / e:


davidDavid Peace
Development Officer (Photography)
t: 01236 638463 / e:


Heather Thom
Pather Artworks Officer
t: 01698 351559 / e:


stuartStuart MacLeod
Beetroot Studio Manager
t: 01236 760315 / e:


For general enquiries about Community Arts classes and activities, telephone 01236 632828.



From Monday 21 August 2017 CultureNL Community Arts Team is offering a new programme of affordable, weekly arts classes that will appeal to children, young people and adults of all abilities.

The classes run weekly until Saturday 14 October then break for one week over the October holiday.
All classes start back week beginning Monday 23 October and run until Saturday 16 December 2017.

Weekly classes are OFF on the following dates:

• September weekend: Friday 22 and Monday 25 September
• October holiday week: Monday 16 – Saturday 21 October
• In-service for schools: Children’s classes are off Monday 20 November

Classes that are operating with low attendance numbers after the initial three-week period
will be terminated. Alternative options will be offered where possible, but this cannot be

Please note that the Community Arts Team cannot be held responsible for changes of
venue. Should a change of venue occur, we will endeavour to inform all participants in

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The Community Arts section is required to collate statistical information on a quarterly basis.
Here is a selection of our statistics relating to our arts activity:

  • 23 851 people attended community arts activities in 2016/17
  • In 2016/17 the number of complaints received was 2, both of which were upheld
  • We also received 6 compliments.


Visual Arts And Crafts

» Visual Arts And Crafts

Weekly classes are available in drawing, painting, printing, arts and crafts.

Ceramics and Craft Classes

» Ceramics and Craft Classes

Weekly classes available in arts, craft, sculpture and ceramics.


» Creative Writing

Weekly creative writing classes.


» Photomedia

Weekly photography classes.


» Music

Weekly music classes including keyboard, guitar and drums.

Dance and Movement

» Dance and Movement

Weekly dance classes for young people and adults.


» Drama

Weekly drama based activities for all ages,stages and abilities across North Lanarkshire.


Beetroot Studios

» Beetroot Studios

Professional  recording studio in Airdrie.


» Venue Directory

List of Arts In Action venues addresses and telephone numbers.