Community Arts – How Are We Performing?

Statistical information on how are are doing

The Community Arts section is required to collate statistical information on a quarterly basis.  One of the Community Arts key performance indicators is uptake of the Passport Leisure Scheme.  Our target for this is 18% of users and the results below show how we have performed in the last year.

  • Our uptake of Passport to Leisure Scheme in 2012/2013 was 20%
  • 33,375 people attended Community Arts activities during 2011/12 and 36,871 people in 2012/13.
  • Average spend per head of North Lanarkshire population is £1.62
  • Cost per head of North Lanarkshire population £1.03
  • Number of Community Arts classes held per week 92
  • Number of venues in which Community Arts classes take place is 20

In our most recent evaluation survey of adult class members (June 2013), 100% of respondents reported that their Community Arts experience met their needs and expectations and 100% reported that the tutor’s knowledge of their subject was adequate for their needs and that 100% thought their classes were good value for money.