Community Arts – Service Standards

What can you expect from us?

The Community Arts Team is part of the Creative Services section within CultureNL.

Our Service Standards

We will strive to ensure that your experience when visiting one of our facilities, attending one of our classes or contacting us by any means is positive and enjoyable.  Our staff will be easily identifiable, will treat you with respect and courtesy, will provide you with accurate and relevant information and advice and will welcome your views on the service.

Additionally we will ensure that our staff:

  • Will maintain equipment in good working order and will regularly carry out inspections to ensure its safe operation
  • Are attentive, helpful and polite
  • Respect your privacy
  • Take responsibility for your enquiry
  • Use language that is easy to understand
  • Deal with your enquiries, requests and concerns promptly
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your enquiry
  • Offer assistance with any forms we may ask you to complete

We will ensure that our service is well publicised and well used and will aim to increase the number of events, classes and attendance at these, every year.

We will aim to offer you value for money by maintaining our show ticket prices and venue hire costs at well below the average, when compared to similar events and venues in Scotland.

  • We will process all telephone and postal bookings for Venues and Community Arts activities within 7 days of receipt.
  • We will issue ticket requests received in writing, or by email and the internet, by telephone or through the library service the next working day.
  • We will promote equality and fair treatment.
  • We will maintain equipment in good working order and will regularly carry out inspections to ensure its safe operation.
  • We will aim to continuously improve the quality of our services for our customers.
  • All facilities, exhibitions and activities will comply with current UK health and safety legislation.
  • We will issue hirers of facilities and equipment with an itemised invoice one month in arrears.
  • We will investigate and respond to all written queries regarding invoices issued or charges made in writing within 14 days.
  • We will treat all complaints seriously using clear and accessible procedures.
  • We will respond to complaints in writing within ten working days. We will learn from your complaints.
  • We will feedback information on complaints via Arts & You and What’s On publications, newsletters and posters on a quarterly basis.
  • Tutors for Community Arts activities will be appropriately trained in the relevant art form.
  • We will aim to continuously improve our services for our customers.
  • We will consult with you on our performance through a variety of means throughout the year and will publish the results at least once every 12 months in newsletters, on the Council web site and in leaflets and posters at facilities.
  • We will provide information on our service via Arts & You, newsletters and posters.
  • We will comply with the corporate service standards, copies of which are available from our facilities, or from the Council’s web site.

Our service standards are reviewed annually.  Please contact us if you have any comment or suggestions.