Exhibitions at Airdrie Community Health Centre

23 January – 20 March

Art and Recovery

The participants in the Art and Recovery Project have used the medium of art to express their views of recovery and hope. This local Art and Recovery Group involves people in recovery from alcohol and drug problems.

Art has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those involved, improving confidence and self-esteem and reducing social isolation and stigma.



27 March – 5 June

Airdrie & Coatbridge Islamic Centre

FACIC, Friends of Airdrie and Coatbridge Islamic Centre, is a new voluntary organisation that took shape in March 2012. This led to a series of events being organised such as the Connecting Communities event that has been taking place around the month of June, with the aim of celebrating how Scottish and Islamic cultures can work, live and learn together, with support from North Lanarkshire Partnership.

The vision of FACIC is to develop positive, progressive and caring citizens, and promote a better understanding of Islam in the wider community, with a view to celebrating the richness and diversity of our multi-cultural world.




19 June – 11 September

Airdrie Integrated Addiction Service – Service User Football Group

A service user football group was formed by Airdrie Integrated Addiction Service to take part in the annual Suicide Prevention Tournament. The invitation was then opened up to the Community Mental Health Team, who also brought along patients who were interested in taking part.

At first, the participants, many of whom have a long history of drug and alcohol addiction or chronic mental health issues, struggled physically due to a lack of regular exercise, however they have now become fitter, healthier and more positive about their future.

Many have stated that this group has helped with their recovery and prevented them from taking alcohol or drugs. New friendships have been created and community recovery capacity has increased. Some members have left the group to start work or go to college but will still take part when they can. They have attended a number of competitions across North Lanarkshire and beyond and have, over the last two years, received the Suicide Prevention Fair Play award.


2 October – 18 December

Yum! Food Glorious Food…  

This exhibition is the result of a schools’ based photography project which took place in 2016 as part of CultureNL’s Encounters Cultural Festival.

Working with a professional photographer, North Lanarkshire school pupils explored the world of food taking a documentary/photo journalism angle. The project presents a record of how food is experienced today in a typical school day. The main question asked throughout the project was, “Is food used, abused or enjoyed?”