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We created a shortlist of the most popular books by Scottish authors in our libraries in 2019. These titles were selected because of the high number of issues last year in CultureNL Libraries and that they were first published in 2019.

CultureNL Libraries Book of the Year 2019 Shortlist:

Alex Gray – The Stalker (votes – 20.3%)
Anna Smith – Fight Back (votes – 0.8%)
Chris Brookmyre – Fallen Angel (votes – 2.3%)
M.J. Cross (Mason Cross) – What She Saw Last Night (votes – 56.3%)
Alan Parks – February’s Son (votes – 1.6%)
Denise Mina – Conviction (votes – 4.7%)
Stuart MacBride – All That’s Dead (votes – 6.3%)
James Oswald – Cold As The Grave (votes – 7.7%)

Your Book of the Year 2019:

M.J. Cross (Mason Cross) – What She Saw Last Night


2018 Award

And the 2018 Winner was, as Voted by You…:

Irvine Welsh – Dead Men’s Trousers