Great Bookish Menu

A Full Course of Reading

With the summer arriving, libraries start to turn their attention to summer reading challenges. This year, it’s not just all about the children though. Some of our library members may remember in the not too distant past we ran an adult summer reading challenge called Great Bookish Menu.

We are excited to be bringing the Great Bookish Menu back for 2024.

The challenge is to read one book from each of our six genres that form the full course of reading this summer:

It’s our challenge to you to challenge your own reading habits. Visit a different shelf in the library and pick up something a little different. Want some suggestions? Click the genre names above to see our short book lists to help you – however you can read any book that fits the genres whether on our lists or not.

Sign Up Online

Are you up for the challenge? If so, you can register for the challenge online and keep track of your progress online too. After registering, once the challenge launches, you’ll see the challenge when logged in and you can tick off the genres you’ve managed to complete.

Sign up and register here.

When The Challenge Runs

The Great Bookish Menu will run from Wednesday 19 June until Thursday 19 September. You can sign up now or any time during the challenge to take part. Good luck.

Listen To The Great Bookish Menu Podcast

Listen to our recent podcast all about the Great Bookish Menu to find out a little more about the challenge.