Village Community Hall, Cumbernauld

Originally built in 1743 for the purposes of Church activities, a fire almost devastated The Village Hall but, due to the dedication and hard work of those who helped with the restoration, the building was finally restored and reopened in 1825 for the purposes of the community.

The Village Community Hall is used for a variety of purposes including the playgroup, sequence dancing, dance classes, local government meetings, weight management classes, historical society meetings, bridge clubs, male choir practice, community council meetings and a host of social functions.

The Village Hall and staff would welcome well-organised social functions and community-based activities.


Due to the age of the Village Hall its surroundings are unique for the setting of a social function or club in the main hall situated on the first floor. With the authentic overhead wooden beams and textured walls the room has a rustic feel, although all modern facilities are available. This hall can retain a maximum of 140 persons for the purpose of a dinner dance or disco.

This hall is set with a stage to the rear that can be used for musical accompaniment for an evening or for the purpose of a performance and a bar to the opposite side of the hall.

Restrictions apply to both of these forms of entertainment within the Village hall. Regarding musical entertainment there is a noise level restriction at 110 decibels where music will automatically cut out if this level is exceeded. Patrons are reminded that if alcohol is brought onto the premises an additional license fee will apply.

There is lesser hall on the ground floor that is suitable for small gatherings or as an intimate social setting. This hall can hold up to 40 persons for a dinner dance or disco event.

In addition to the main and lesser hall there is a committee room. This is ideal for meetings or community based groups. This room can seat up to 10 persons.

Kitchen facilities in Village Hall have recently been renovated as part of the extensive refurbishment of North Lanarkshire Council Community Centres. The kitchen is of catering standard. This makes this centre an ideal place for inviting external caterers or for simply indulging guests with a hot buffet for your occasion. There is also a fridge available if required.


The Village Hall is situated in Cumbernauld Village and is accessible by public transport. There is a bus stop in front of the centre. For those travelling to the venue by car there are car-parking facilities outside the centre. There is also access to local taxi companies.

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Disabled access

The Village Hall has been specially adapted for persons with disabilities. Disabled access points can be found at the front of the building and specially adapted lifts will transport visitors to and from the first floor. Disabled toilet facilities can be found on both floors in the centre.

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