Greenfaulds Community Centre

Greenfaulds Community Centre was built for the purpose of the Greenfaulds community in 1970. Activities which take place in the centre vary and include the play group, keep fit classes, senior citizen events, self help groups, gardeners’ club, the fellowship, the residents’ association and dance classes.

Any type of well-organised social function or community based activity would be welcomed by Greenfaulds Community Centre and staff.


Greenfaulds Community Centre has one main hall and one committee room available for let. The main hall can retain a maximum of 60 persons at any one time and would make an ideal setting for smaller social events and occasions where an intimate space is required.

The committee room in the centre can hold a maximum of 20 persons and is recommended for meetings and small clubs or groups.

There are kitchen facilities for use in Greenfaulds Community Centre which are of catering standard. This makes this venue ideal for bringing in outside caterers or for simply heating through a buffet or ready prepared meals. There is a fridge if required.


Greenfaulds Community Centre is accessible by public transport and a bus stop can be found approximately 100 yards from the centre. There is a limited amount of car parking spaces outside the centre.

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Disabled Access

With all facilities situated on the ground floor this centre is suitable for persons with disabilities or requiring wheelchair access. There are disabled access points to the building and disabled toilets.

Conditions of Hire, Cost of Hire and Booking Form

Cost of Hire information, Conditions of Let and Booking forms are all available to download at the right of this page.


Our Catering Services can cater for children’s parties and provide tea, coffee, scones, buffets and sit down meals at events – all at very competitive prices.

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