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Museum at Home

Art & Design

Colzium Nature Trail (Activity)

Drawing Nature (Activity)

Virtual Visit – Portrait & Landscape

Virtual Visit – Fabulous Fables

Virtual Visit – Positive & Negative Space Drawing

Virtual Visit – Question Bank

Coal Mining

Strikes (Information)

Coal in Lanarkshire (Extension Activities)

Homes in the Past

Miners’ Row (Information)

1960s House (Teacher’s Notes)

Pavement Games (Activity)

Getting Groovy – Swinging Sixties Chat (Video)

Tie Dye T-Shirt (Activity)


Mystery Victorian Objects (Quiz)

3D Printing – Victorian Style Chat and Activity (NOTE: Plaster of Paris must not be used unsupervised and body parts should never be placed into the unset mixed plaster of Paris.)

Knights & Castles

Design a Coat of Arms (Activity)

Make a Catapult (Activity)

Robert the Bruce (Information)


Latrones – Roman Board Game (Activity)

Make a Roman Shield (Activity)

Roman Coins (Online Museum Collection)

Mystery Roman Objects (Activity)

Make a Roman Toga (Activity)

Romans, Romans, Romans – Armour & Weapons (Video)

First World War

Medals of the First World War (Information)

War Medal Research (Activity)

Coatbridge’s War Poet – John Stewart (Information)

John Stewart (Activity)

Trench Life – a look at the Summerlee trench (Information)

Second World War

Jobs for Civilians During WWII (Information)

Reserved Occupations (Information)

1940s House & Garden (Information)

WWII Code Breaking (Activity)

WWII Rationing (Activity)


Friction on the Rails (Experiments)

Word Searches

Coatbridge Street Names Word Search

Big Summerlee Word Search

Little Summerlee Word Search

Little Motherwell Word Search

North Lanarkshire Train Stations Word Search

Tricky Roman Word Search


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Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life offers a range of exhibitions and events throughout the year. Please follow the links below to find the our latest activities.

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