Supporting People with Dyslexia

Supporting People with DyslexiaHow our libraries support people with Dyslexia.

Our libraries provide a variety of additional services to support people with Dyslexia. These include:

  • Paper-based learning materials, enrolment forms and course information handouts that can all be made available in large font and printed on coloured paper.
  • E-learning courseware that has a specific filter that can be applied when undertaking a number of module online.
  • Assistive/adaptive technology computer programs such as JAWS and Zoom Text in all four of our LogintoLearn Centres. These technologies provide users with a number of built-in and customisable configurations including – screen colour overlays; text to speech; speech to text; adjustable font types etc.
  • Windows 7 installed on all of the public computers in all our libraries which has accessibility settings and programs available that allow the user to adjust settings that make it easier to see your computer, use the mouse and keyboard, and use other input devices.
  • Access to BorrowBox (our eBook and eAudiobook lending app), which has dyslexia font settings and adjustable background colour overlays.