Library Podcast

Library Podcast

North Lanarkshire Libraries have launched their own Podcast – For the Love of Books.

You can now catch up with library staff on your favourite podcast platform by subscribing or following the North Lanarkshire Libraries Podcast – For the Love of Books.

Available on all major podcast platforms

The For the Love of Books podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. So no matter what major podcast platform you use, you’ll be able to get the latest episodes available as soon as they are available online.

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Also now available on Stitcher | Pocket Casts | TuneIn Radio | Deezer | Overcast

Podcast Season 1

Season 1 had an exciting lineup of episodes for the podcast. You can listen to them now on your favourite platform or on our YouTube channel now.

Podcast Season 2

Our podcast had another fantastic lineup of episodes for season 2 including special guests Rachel Bright (children’s book author), Niall Campbell (Scottish poet), Elizabeth Haynes (crime author) and more. All available online now either via podcast platforms or on our YouTube channel.

Podcast Season 3

Season 3 saw a great blend of guests and staff chatting about various topics. Guest appearances included YouTube star SJ Strum, children’s author A. H. Proctor and crime author Sarah Hilary. Catch them all now on your favourite podcast platform or on our YouTube channel.

Podcast Season 4

Season 4 has now finished, and started with a celebration of most of our libraries being reopened. The season featured some top Scottish authors including the fabulous Kirstin Innes as well as Alex Knight (aka Mason Cross) and Carole Johnstone. Find all the episodes on your favourite podcast platform or subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch the episodes in our podcast playlist.

  • Episode 1 – The Welcome Return of Libraries
  • Episode 2 – What You’ve Been Borrowing
  • Episode 3 – Discover Your Past
  • Episode 4 – Enjoy the Great Bookish Menu
  • Episode 5 – Darkness Falls with Alex Knight
  • Episode 6 – Get Those Teens Reading
  • Episode 7 – Scabby Queen with Kirstin Innes
  • Episode 8 – Mirrorland with Carole Johnstone
  • Episode 9 – Space Talk from Airdrie
  • Episode 10 – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

Podcast Season 5

The podcast has returned with our first episode of season 5 out now.

  • Episode 1 – World Book Day Fun
  • Episode 2 – Be Scam Aware
  • Episode 3 – Podcast This Blog
  • Episode 4 – Find Her First with Emma Christie
  • Episode 5 – Beat the Librarian Quiz
  • Episode 6 – Keep the Heid

Catch the current episode right here now

We will also be creating an archive of our podcasts on our YouTube channel. So you’ll be able to catch all the older episodes on there as the podcast grows. Catch the current episode below: