Class visits

Class Visits to LibrariesInformation for teachers on how to book a class visit to their local library

An opportunity to learn

All of our libraries offer the opportunity for schools to bring their pupils for class visits. Libraries are a stimulating learning environment with an emphasis on taking responsibility for your own learning and having fun.

Class visits tend to cover traditional library and information literacy skills. However they can be tailored to meet the requirements of teachers, pupils and the curriculum as required. Traditional types of class visit can be as follows:

  • Introduction to the library and how it is arranged
  • Reading promotion
  • Information literacy development
  • Story times

Visiting a library can have many benefits for your pupils. It is a community based learning facility helping to develop children as confident, independent learners. Some of the many benefits gained from class visits are:

  • Opportunities for children to learn in a community setting
  • Giving children confidence in handling books and information.
  • A chance for children to learn to reinforce the skills that will enhance lifelong learning
  • Encouraging children to become independent learners
  • Engaging in active learning activities
  • Encouraging children to take responsibility for their own membership and become responsible library citizens
  • Enabling children to become independent library users
  • The potential for children to introduce the rest of the family to library services.
  • Support for developing literacy.

Arranging a class visit

Visits can take place at any time throughout the school year and a class or school can visit the library as many times as they wish. All that we ask is that prior notice is given, either by phone, email or by using the form which is linked to on the right hand side of this page, at least 48 hours before any visit takes place. Libraries regularly host events and prior booking will ensure there are no clashes and staffing is available to maximise the benefit of the visit for the children. Any completed form should be sent to the relevant branch supporting the visit. The contact details for each of our libraries is available on this website.

Telling your parents/guardians about a class visit

We would appreciate it if you could inform the parents/guardians of the pupils in your class that a visit to the library has been arranged. As a visit may include an opportunity to borrow resources we feel it is important that parents/guardians are made aware that their child may bring home resources they’ve borrowed from the library and that their child is responsible for the safe return of the items.

Library membership

Prior to a class visit we would encourage you to distribute junior membership forms to any children who are not already members of the library. This will ensure that everyone in the class can have the opportunity to borrow resources from the library if the opportunity arises.

Copies of the junior membership form are available at your local library. You can also print out copies from our web site. It should be noted that a parent/guardian must sign the junior membership application and completed applications should be submitted to the library one week in advance of your visit so that membership tickets are ready for your pupils when the class visit takes place.

Should you have any queries or require further information on arranging a class visit, please contact your local branch using the address information provided.

Please use the Contact Us box on the right hand side of this page if you have any questions.