Library Charges

Overdue, lost and damaged Items

  • Children are exempt from overdue charges on all free loan items, which are returned late.
  • Children are not exempt for chargeable items such as DVDs and computer games, which are returned late. Guarantors are liable for payment of such charges.
  • Mobile library customers do not pay overdue charges on items borrowed from the mobile library.
  • The maximum amount an adult will require to pay will be 10 times the initial overdue charge for the item – eg if a book is charged at 55p per week or per part of a week the maximum charge will be £5.50 for an item which is 10 weeks late.  Please see the current price list for charges for each type of item.
  • All items, which are lost or damaged by the borrower, will be subject to a replacement charge.
  • The charge may be reduced depending of the age of the item.
  • Borrowers may choose to supply a new copy of the item in lieu of payment.  Please note that in the case of DVDs the replacement copy must be a “library rental” version.
  • Arrangements can be made to pay charges in instalments where borrowers are experiencing hardship. Access to services are restricted where money is owed.
  • Guarantors have responsibility for all overdue, lost and damaged items and any charges for all children for whom they have countersigned a membership.
  • Current charges are displayed in libraries.
  • A replacement adult library card will include a £0.60 charge. Children are exempt from paying for replacement library cards.

Loan charges, overdue items and reservations

From 1st April 2020 the following charges will apply.

Loan charges


Compact Discs Free
Software Favourites – White Label £0.65 per item for 7 days
DVD Favourites – White Label £0.65 per 7 nights
A discounted of 50% applies for holders of Kidz Kards and YoungScot cards

Overdue Items

Free loan items (Books, CDs, DVDs, Software) £0.55 per week/part of week
All other overdue items Additional hire charge to cover loan period


Children are exempt from fines for books and other free loans.


Reservations – Books

Adult £1.60
YoungScot £0.80


Charge is levied only for items unavailable from our stock.

Children do not pay for book reservations.


Library Card Replacement

Adult Library Card Replacement £0.60


Children are exempt from paying for replacement library cards.

Full details of all other library charges can be found in the downloads section.


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