St Stephen’s Primary School

St Stephen's Primary School Badge

St Stephen’s primary is a Roman Catholic, co-educational school that teaches children from primary one to seven. The building is bright and modern. An individual classroom is available for each class. The infant classrooms open onto a large open area, which is well furnished and used for active learning and purposeful play activities.

The upper school has similar provision, and adjacent classrooms share a “project area” that is equipped to allow quiet/noisy activities, group work or to support children with additional needs. Time tabling of these areas is arranged, in mutual agreement, by teachers involved. Each of these areas has its own display board and storage space. The upper school also has access to a large open area that is used for active and experiential learning in the senior school. Adjacent classrooms throughout the school also share cloakroom and toilet facilities.

The pupils also have access to a large, well equipped hall and gymnasium with a large well organised stage that is used for school shows and musical productions.

On one side of the hall there is a large, suitably furnished, dining area where children taking school meals and packed lunches are accommodated. All children have access to hot or cold snacks and meals are cooked on the premises.St Stephen's Primary School - Outside View

The school has a well resourced library, located in the senior open area. In addition to this, each class has access to it’s own library that encourages children to read for enjoyment. Each classroom has internet access, a Smartboard and access to a computers.

The school has its own medical suite where the usual services are provided for children.

In the very adequate playground provision, a football pitch, netball court and hopscotch beds, have been marked out to encourage children to develop, positive and healthy attitudes to play. There are also ball boards, giant pencils and a low level adventure trail with safety surface.

St Stephen’s has it’s own 6 hole golf course which is used regularly by the children and is available for use by other schools. The golf course is also available for public use and may be booked by contacting the school office.

Every opportunity is taken to forge strong “home, school and community” links. The staff recognise that parents are the first educators of their child and the success of the school is dependant on partnership with all parents. The school aims to ensure that all pupils, parents and staff feel valued, welcome and included at all times.

In partnership with parents the school aims to provide high quality education for all children that will enable them to develop intellectually, socially and spiritually within a safe secure and stimulating environment. The staff of St. Stephen’s aim to provide challenging and enjoyable learning experiences that will motivate children to become life long learners.

In St. Stephen’s Primary children are prepare for the 21st Century through active, cooperative and experiential learning that develops skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life. Planned workshops and open days provide parents with the opportunity to observe some of these developments, where children demonstrate confidence, success and a sense of responsibility for their own learning.

St. Stephen’s Primary has a well-recognised and highly successful transition programme, from Nursery to Primary.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Stephen’s normally transfer to St Andrew’s High, Coatbridge.

St. Stephen’s values and respects all members of the community. The Parental Involvement Act has enabled greater opportunities for parents/carers to participate in school life and the staff of St. Stephen’s encourage all to get involved in whatever way they can. The staff, pupils and parents are very proud of the warm, caring and professional ethos in St. Stephen’s.

The school works closely throughout the year, with the parish priest and the community of St. Stephen’s Church, particularly at times of Sacramental Preparation.

The school have two formal parent consultation meetings each year; one at the end of the first and third term. An end of year report is issued at the end of the fourth term. This keeps parents informed of their child’s strength, progress and achievements. Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with the school through email, telephone, monthly newsletter and their child’s diary.

The school has a very active and supportive Parent Council who are instrumental in helping to forge links with the local and wider community, particularly St. Stephen’s parish church. The Parent Council members meet once a month and regularly arrange informal, social and fund raising evenings throughout the year, that provides the opportunity to build community within a relaxed atmosphere.

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