Old Monkland Primary School

Old Monkland Primary and Nursery

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Old Monkland Primary is a non-denominational primary school with nursery class. The school is situated on Sharp Avenue, in the heart of Kirkwood, Coatbridge alongside St Monica’s Primary.

Old Monkland school building is a large L shaped brick building which was built in the 50’s. It is on two levels with the Nursery class and P.1-3 accommodated downstairs and our juniors and seniors based upstairs.

Although a fairly old building, we try very hard to make it an effective and attractive learning environment, utilising areas such as former cloakrooms, as open working areas.

As well as the class bases we have a separate P.E. / Assembly Hall / dining room, medical room / liaison base, expressive art room, library and conference room. Our school offices are located around our main entrance.

Community Education is located in the end section of the building. Both the Community Education section and the Nursery Class have their own entry system.Outside view of Old Monkland Primary school

The ethos of the school is warm and welcoming. We promote respect, trust and responsibility. The staff are all experienced, committed to providing an effective educational provision for our pupils and prioritise the emotional support and development of all through promoting inclusion.

In Old Monkland Primary School we aim:

  • To make a difference, by providing a caring and stimulating learning environment for our pupils.
  • To promote self esteem, creativity and intellectual development.
  • To raise achievement by helping pupils to aim higher and fulfil their potential.
  • To extend pupils’ abilities to communicate ideas and feelings in a variety of ways leading to their playing a full part as citizens in modern society.
  • To help pupils develop skills which will enable them to maximise opportunities and respond positively to changes throughout their life.

At present full time teaching staff comprises a Head Teacher, a Depute Head Teacher, six further classroom teachers and one flexibility teacher currently used to share McCrone cover and Curricular Development time for staff.

There are two permanent Classroom Assistants, two permanent Clerical Assistants and three ASN Assistants. We also have one janitor, five cleaners and three catering staff.

We are currently working towards full implementation of a Curriculum for Excellence. We are developing Interdisciplinary topics , themed weeks and Formative Assessment to involve our children more fully in their own learning . A variety of resources are used including NLC Active Literacy Resources and Heinemann Mathematics . Our children learn through Purposeful Play and Active Learning.

All classes observe the spirit of equal opportunities for boys and girls.

All staff endeavour to promote positive behaviour and citizenship, using resources such as Circle Time and Class Moves, as well as implementing strategies to encourage children to aim higher and raise their own achievement.

All our children and staff are involved in ” Happy Houses” to reward positive behaviour as it happens and promote team work.

The nursery class enjoys two large playrooms with adjoining open area and fenced outdoor play area. We currently accommodate 50 children in the morning and 50 children in the afternoon. It is staffed by one teacher and five Early Years Workers , one of which is a Senior Early Years Worker.

The Head Teacher has direct line management responsibility of the Nursery.

The Nursery class follow the Early level outcomes from a Curriculum for Excellence ,3-5 Curricular Framework, The Child At the Centre and the Care Commission standards to ensure a quality service and planning for progression.

As a community school, the school welcomes opportunities to be involved with the community. Parents are welcome in school in a variety of ways.

Parents are formally invited to the school twice per year to discuss pupil progress. Further less formal opportunities are available throughout session – e.g. Workshops, open days, class led assemblies, Celebrations of Success.

Nursery parents are also involved in a similar manner with nursery class activities. They also have the opportunity to discuss their children’s progress with our nursery team.

There is also a Play group within the community section of the building.

As part of Support for Learning, Health Promotion, Eco-schools and Enterprise in Education activities we liaise closely with many external agencies and put emphasis on the value of supportive teamwork.

Our local secondary is Coatbridge High School and we pride ourselves in full communication to support transition.

We currently offer extra curricular activities including – Scottish Dancing, gymnastics, tri golf, netball, keep fit, drama club, craft club and plan to extend this provision in the coming session to include Martial Arts , Dance and parent / Pupil Groups.

Each class has responsibility to lead one assembly per year, inviting their friends and families.

We plan an Annual Calendar of events to share with our families to welcome them into our school environment through shows , fairs and open events.

We currently have most successful Health , Eco Committees and School Ground Improvement Committees. Our Pupil Council are elected annually.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Old Monkland primary normally transfer to Coatbridge High School.

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