New Stevenston/St Patrick’s Primary School

St Patricks Primary Motherwell Badge

St Patrick’s Primary is a Roman Catholic co-educational primary school. It’s new accommodation opened in August 2006. The school is housed on a joint campus site with New Stevenston Primary School and the Community Library.

It comprises of one long, single storey building with a central administration suite. There is also a gymnasium, a general-purpose room, a medical suite, an outdoor all weather pitch and an AV room which is shared with our partner school.

Shared dining and packed lunch facilities are available within the building. There are 7 class bases presently housing 150 pupils in 7 classes.

The majority of pupils are from the village of New Stevenston.

The aims of St Patrick’s Primary School are:

  • to encourage all children to work to their full potential and to develop their skills and talents in a safe, happy and caring environment.
  • to encourage friendship, understanding and harmony among all the pupils and to foster a sense of self-respect and esteem.
  • to foster good relationships among all those who work in, or visit the school.
  • to play an active Christian part in the life of the school and the Catholic parish it serves.
  • to embrace and encourage the inclusion of pupils with special educational needs by removing barriers to learning and supporting their individual needs in a mainstream setting, thus promoting an ethos of equality and Outside View of St Patricks Motherwellrespect where every individual is valued.
  • to establish a sense of community in the area and participate in activities involving other schools and agencies.

We are a community of faith in St Patrick’s Primary School and regard our role in the lives of the pupils, their families and the parish as one of great importance and privilege. We promote fairness, equality and tolerance and strive to develop our children’s skills and abilities to their highest potential in an ethos of happiness and mutual respect.

We teach, by example, respect for others regardless of creed, colour, ability or gender.

We work towards creating a community of faith and love.

We endorse NLC’s motto of ‘Aiming Higher’ and strive for continuous improvement in our school.

The parents who have entrusted their children to us can be confident in the knowledge that we aim to help our children to develop and grow to become happy, well-adjusted members of society in a caring Catholic environment.

Out of school hours learning / supported study classes in a variety of areas throughout the session are available for pupil. In addition, sports and music are available for older pupils based in neighbouring venues.

Festival football games with other schools are arranged. Pupils are offered the opportunity to have a residential stay at a Residential School or on an educational holiday. This is usually for upper school pupils (P7) and takes place during term time. Staff from the school accompany pupils.

In recent years, pupils have been offered sports training in football, badminton, basketball, volleyball and art & dance for expressive arts in sessions taken by parents, teachers or the Active school Sports Coordinator after school hours. Parental help with activities is always most welcome.

It is important that there are strong links between the school and parents. Parents are notified by newsletters of any information regarding school matters for example parents’ meetings, social and religious events, school policy on attendance, homework, school local holiday dates and school events. Many parents and friends of the school have helped with activities such as infant activities, football, badminton, netball, computing, environmental studies.

As education is a partnership between home and school, workshop sessions are arranged to help parents to help their children’s learning. Some of these are during the day and others are in the evening. Reporting to parents takes place twice a year at pre-notified parents’ evenings with appointments arranged. A written report is also issued. The school has an active Parents Association who fundraise to support teaching and learning in the school.

We realise the important part school plays in the local community and we encourage a community spirit in the children. This is done in various ways such as helping to collect goods for the local church groups’ fund raising activities, involvement in sports with local schools, involvement in locally arranged quizzes. There is also visits to other local school and to local places of interest to extend class teaching. The school encourages talks by community workers eg police, nurses, ambulance, home safety officers, library services, Strathclyde park rangers, and Glasgow zoo education officers. We also have the support of New Stevenston gardening club in maintaining school plants and instructing pupils in P7.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Mary’s normally transfer to Taylor High School, New Stevenston.

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