John Paul II Primary School

John Paul II primary school badge

John Paul II primary school has been created as a result of the amalgamation of St Columba’s and St Gabriel’s primary schools in May 2006. The new school is situated in Viewpark, approximately one mile from Bellshill and is part of North Lanarkshire Council’s public private partnership (PPP) initiative. The accommodation comprises of 20 teaching bases with adjacent activity areas. Situated within the building is 100/100 place nursery centre and a community education wing.

Parents from both schools were involved in the process of selecting a name for the school. This process took place in April 2005 just as Pope John Paul II died and the declaration of the school to the late Pontiff was decided by an overwhelming majority of parents.

Pupils from the two schools were involved in deciding the colour of the new uniform. The school badge was designed as a result of a competition among pupils. The design of the badge was an amalgamation of ideas from three P7 pupils. The badge is a blue background and the gold cross and letter M taken from the late Pope’s Papal Coat of Arms. The symbols in the corners represent the two amalgamating schools. A Celtic Cross to represent St Columba’s and an angel to depict St Gabriel’s schools. The motto of the school is ‘un nuovo inizio per tutto’ which is Italian for ‘ A new beginning for all’, a most appropriate motto for the school as we come together in our new building.

Parents who entrust their children to us can be confident that staff are very much aware of the tremendous responsibility we have in developing each child to achieve their maximum potential in a caring secure and happy Outside view of John Paul II primary schoolenvironment. We value each child as an individual and hope that experiences gained in our establishment will give your child a positive self image, confident in their valued contribution to the school and the wider community.

More information about our school can be found in the school website.

The aims of John Paul II are:

To provide high quality teaching and learning in a safe, secure, trusting environment by consolidating, developing and implementing the 5-14 programme through provision of appropriate resources and learning programmes that make high by realistic demands of pupils.

Through the promotion of our Catholic ethos we aim to show how our religious and moral values such as honesty, tolerance and respect for others, permeate both life in the school and wider community, where each plays a vital role in developing the moral, spiritual and social values of each pupil in preparation for their roles as responsible citizens.

To raise achievement in all areas of the curriculum by building self esteem and developing an appreciation of self worth and respect of individuals in an ethos of achievement where success is recognised and celebrated.

To continue to develop our relationship with parents and wider community by promoting the concept of active partnership in the education of their children. To foster independence and the development of positive attitudes and self discipline within an accepted code of conduct.

Classroom inside John Paul II primary

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from John Paul II Primary School normally transfer to Cardinal Newman High School.

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