Chryston High School

Chryston High school badge

Chryston High School is a non-denominational, co-educational secondary school. In August 2012 the school will move to a new building constructed within the existing school grounds. The new Chryston High School will have a fully equipped, modern building and extensive playing fields including a full size, all-weather, floodlit pitch. Every classroom will be equipped to the highest standards with the latest technology including Interactive Smartboards. A number of pupils have been involved in some of the final design initiatives.

The school’s mission statement is ‘Achieving success for all’.

CHS aims to make a difference to the lives of everyone in our school community by:

  • fostering a sense of respect, tolerance and pride among our young people, staff and parents
  • ensuring that the needs of the individual are at the centre of everything we do
  • encouraging each individual to develop their talents fully
  • setting standards of excellence in all aspects of school life
  • developing effective partnerships
  • promoting a strong sense of equality and fairness
  • aspiring to be a community engaged in effective learning which encourages all our young people to strive for excellence and become: Successful learners; Confident individuals, Responsible citizens; Effective contributors to society and work.

Chryston High School has always had a range of extra-curricular activities for its pupils. The school organises badminton, basketball, netball, athletics, gymnastics, dance, football and rugby, which are run with the help from volunteer staff. Certain of these sports may be enjoyed after school hours. Other activities include numerous “drop-in” clubs, theatre outings, scripture union and musical ensembles.

We take great pride in the achievements of our young people and we hope that parents will encourage pupils to participate in the wide range of activities available in the school. We have achieved success in a range of competitions. These include public speaking, maths challenges, dance competitions, Go4set projects, the Wospeg Physics Competition and the Salters National Chemistry Competition. Many departments in the school organise lunchtime clubs and activities, for example, the library, physical education, computing, drama and music. Pupils are also given the opportunity to take part in a number of residential experiences including Outward Bound, skiing, London theatre and Berlin.

Our social events have a first class reputation for good organisation and excellent pupil behaviour so that every one is safe and secure. There is a Welcome Disco early in the school session followed by a Halloween party and Christmas dances, while the highlight of the social calendar is the “Senior Prom”, for which we have established a tradition of formal dress.

The school productions, including the school show in October, involve a large number of pupils and staff, and we have excellent music and drama accommodation for the performances. Pupils also take part in instrumental groups within school, and join the numerous choirs, bands and orchestral groups organised by North Lanarkshire Council. We have had great success with our rock group in recent years.

Supported Study is organised for S4, S5 and S6 before their prelims and SQA exams. This gives our students the opportunity for some extra, after hours, help from their teachers before these important exams. Chryston High School also organises it’s own Easter School during the holidays to offer additional support before the SQA exams.

The school positively welcomes parental involvement in school life, and adopts a number of approaches to encourage this. We have produced a leaflet made available to current parents of the school called “Parents, Pupils and Chryston High School”. The purpose of the leaflet is to set out what we ask pupils to do, what we at the school will do, and what we ask parents to do to assist us. Our school newsletter, with four issues each session, is an excellent way to let parents and the wider community know about the achievements of our pupils and about school events.

The school plays an important part in the community due to close contacts being maintained with a variety of local agencies and organisations. Pupils may give assistance in the children’s home and in local playgroups. We hope that the school may develop more links as a focus of local life. The school’s Parent Council also seeks to encourage the community to become involved in the school. The school also has good links with the four associated primary schools, which are Chryston Primary School, Stepps Primary School,Glenmanor Primary School and Gartcosh Primary School. We liaise with these schools to make the transition from primary to secondary as easy as possible for our S1 pupils.

The school has been recognised by outside agencies and has received awards for the services offered. The school achieved the prestigious Charter Mark Award. This is an award given by the UK government to establishments who provide excellent customer service. The school also achieved a Gold Award as a Health Promoting School and three consecutive Green Flags for its achievements as an Eco-school.

Further information on the school can be found on the school website.

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