Exhibitions at Summerlee – The Museum of Scottish Industrial Life

7 October – 26 November

All in a Day’s Work


“Man may work from sun to sun 

But woman’s work is never done.”


ALL IN A DAY'S WORK (S'lee) Washing clothes c.1900Does this well-known rhyme still hold true today? In this exhibition about the history of the home, visitors are invited to explore a fascinating range of museum artefacts from different periods and consider how domestic duties have evolved over time.

Compare and contrast the lives of wealthy families with poorer households; investigate the impact of labour-saving inventions; and explore the changing roles of women – then decide for yourself how far we’ve come!

Related activities at weekends and during school holidays. Primary schools can also book for the ‘When Gran was a Girl’ workshop. Please call 01236 638352 for more information.