Exhibitions at Summerlee – The Museum of Scottish Industrial Life

17 March – 28 May
Coal, Steel and Earth: Photographs of Kingshill and Ravenscraig
Coal, Steel and Earth is the result of a collaboration between two artists, Frank McElhinney and John Farrell, who were born and raised in Lanarkshire. The exhibition is the exploration of Kingshill and Ravenscraig; one was a coalmine that fed the other, a great steelworks. Over a number of years, a picture was formed of what became of these former industrial sites, rather than what remains of them. Those of us who have some connection to these landscapes project our own histories onto them. We look back.
The photographs are intended to be of now. Fresh, open eyed, as objective as photographs might be. Nevertheless, the work invokes history as a process of change, and begs the question what kind of future do we want to build?
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16 June – 19 August
A sweet exhibition exploring the story of the Lanarkshire confectionery industry, from snowballs and soor plooms to tablet. Sweetie making was one of the earliest manufacturing industries in Lanarkshire. King’s of Wishaw were the first; starting out as fruit farmers and expanding into confectionery when technology became available with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. This exhibition takes a nostalgic look at all our old favourites, as well as the history of sugar, the slave trade and current issues today around obesity and tooth decay. Join us over the summer holidays for fun activities for families.

21 September – 18 November
Lanarkshire’s War
This exhibition explores the First World War, not only from the experience of those caught up in the horror of the front lines, but by those back at home in Lanarkshire who were also part of those catastrophic events. Using social, industrial, military and archival collections the exhibition will feature personal stories, giving a unique insight into the impact of war on all aspects of Lanarkshire’s life, as well as the war front. Produced by CultureNL Museums & Heritage Service, in partnership with South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Museum Service, this fascinating and thought provoking exhibition is part of a four year national programme, commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the First World War.
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