Summerlee Museum | Exhibitions


24 March – 14 June

Landscapes of Water

An exhibition of work by artist, Lesley Banks which beautifully captures the magnificent coastal and inland waterways of Scotland.

In contrast to the calm surface water of canals these vast coastal vistas offered Lesley a very different challenge. Dramatic rocky jagged outcrops stretch out to the sea at Castle Lachlan in Argyll. The rhythmic sound of the waves a constant background hum to the seagull screams.

Family activities during school holidays. STEM workshops for schools including ‘How the Vulcan Floats’, ‘Wildlife in the Park’ and ‘Heavy Metal – Iron Burgh Innovations’



Saturday 18 April

Ship Ahoy!

Scottish Maritime Heritage Exhibition


See displays of model ships, photographs and historic video footage with DVDs, books, postcards and photos for sale.

Plus Aaron Hawthorne playing the Mighty Compton Cinema Organ!


Participating Organisations

Caledonian MacBrayne

Clyde River Steamer Club

Coastal Cruising Association

Fairfield Heritage Trust

Forth and Clyde Canal Society

Friends of the Glenlee

Friends of TS Queen Mary

Friends of Wemyss Bay Station

Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust

Hearts of Oak Models

John McNulty Models

Kirkcaldy (Lang Toun) Model Boat Club

Knightswood Model Boat Club

Loch Lomond Steamship Company

Paddle Steamer Preservation Society (incl Waverley)


Rosyth Model Boat Club

Scottish Maritime Museum

SS Explorer Preservation Society

The Model Steamer Club of Glasgow

The Skylark IX Recovery Trust

West Highland Steamer Club

4 July – 18 October

Glitz and Glamour: The Golden Age of Cinema in Scotland

From stars of the silver screen to uniformed doormen and usherettes selling ice-cream, going to the pictures infused a taste of Hollywood into Scottish lives during the twentieth century.

This colourful exhibition showcases artefacts from Scotland’s largest cinema collection, from picture house furnishings and vintage vending trays to ushers’ uniforms, film posters and movie magazines. Vibrant visuals, archival film footage and audio clips from former picture-goers make this a treat for the senses, so take a trip down memory lane and immerse yourself in the glamour of cinema’s golden age!

Includes children’s activities and free daily matinee screenings at 2pm. Cinema Memories loan box available, plus extra activities at weekends and during school holidays. Call 01236 638352 for details.