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St Patrick’s Primary Kilsyth

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St Patrick’s Primary School, Kilsyth is a Roman Catholic co-educational school for girls and boys from four to twelve years of age (P1-P7). It serves the pupils of the community and parish of St Patrick’s from Kilsyth, Queenzieburn and Banton.

In August 2007 the new school building was opened on the site of the original school and is part of N.L. Council’s public, private partnership (P.P.P.)

In St Patrick’s we endeavour:

· to provide a caring atmosphere which will be welcoming for all who use it, visit it and learn in it.

· to help each child to realise his/her maximum potential in a happy, secure environment.

· to make children proficient in all basic skills and develop emotionally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and physically so that he/she may experience a full and satisfactory life in the community.

· to promote education as a life long process by helping the children to develop the qualities, skills and attitudes they require to enable them to play an active part in a Christian society.St Patrick's Primary Kilsyth - Outside View 1

· to maintain effective communication with parents and a wider community thus fostering greater parental involvement and ensuring that the school is perceived as a communal resource.

· to strengthen links with other schools and establishments ensuring good liaison.

· to work together to ensure efficient management of staff, resources and time.

· we aim to create responsible citizens, effective learners, confident individuals and effective contributors.

The parish of St Patrick’s is an important influence in the lives of the children and their families. Our aim is to seek to build a caring and sharing society and within the school community we foster in our children a commitment to their Catholic faith, a positive regard for self and others and their needs, a concern for people in their environment and are awakening of an interest in our world.

Citizenship plays a very important part of school life. Our children are involved in a variety of fundraising initiatives and make substantial donations to a variety of organisations throughout the year.

The Parish Priest is a regular visitor to our school and a great support to staff with the spiritual development of our pupils. Regular meetings are held to discuss important religious events and in the Sacramental preparation.

Parents are welcome to contact the Head Teacher at any time. Parent interviews are held twice each session and provide an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress and behaviour.St Patrick's Primary Kilsyth - Outside View 2

Induction workshops for new P1 pupils are held during the summer term.

Parental workshops on aspects of A Curriculum for Excellence may be held throughout the school year if appropriate.

Newsletters detailing achievements and events are issued monthly. Letters, termly overviews and the Home-School Daily Diary are also used to encourage effective communication between home and school.

St Patrick’s P.S. has both a very supportive Parent Council, who meet once per term, and an enthusiastic PTA who meet once per month and organise numerous events throughout the year to raise funds to support the children.

At St Patrick’s we offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school activities and clubs. The school building is also used after school by various youth and community groups. The all weather pitch provides excellent opportunity and facilitates a variety of outdoor activities and events which support the school and the community.

Pupils are continually encouraged to support and participate in Heath Promotion, Enterprise and ECO initiatives. We were awarded our first Green ECO Flag and our Health Promoting Gold Status in autumn 2008. We were awarded our second ECO Green Flag Award in 2011.

The school is an integral part of the community and we encourage the children to realise that they are members of that community and that they have a duty towards and should take pride in themselves as citizens. Respect and co-operation between the school and the community has always been of a high standard and this will continue to flourish.

We work in partnership with all those who support our children in any way including the health service, psychological service, social work dept, child protection agencies and community police. Various other members of the community visit the school and promote their function to the children.

Over the years we have forged links with other schools in our locality and in particular the primary schools in the St Maurice’s High School Cluster Group. We continue to foster liaison links with staff and pupils of St Maurice’s through participation in a wide variety of liaison programmes, festivals and other events.

Parents who entrust their children to us can be confident that staff are very much aware of the tremendous responsibility we have in developing each child to achieve their maximum potential in a caring, secure and happy environment.

We value each child as an individual and hope that experiences gained in our new building will give each child a positive self image, confident in their valued contribution to the school and the wider community.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Patrick’s primary normally transfer to St Maurice’s High Cumbernauld.

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