People of Ravenscraig

During its 35-year working history there were many people who crossed back and forth through the main gates at Ravenscraig, each bringing their own unique personality and skills set with them.

At its opening in 1957, Ravenscraig had a new management team.  Colville’s Magazine featured the new team in one of its issues. Click on the PDF to see who they were.

Here you will find a list of names of people who worked at or were connected to Ravenscraig.  Certain names will be known to many, others represent a small section of the vast workforce that was Ravenscraig Steelworks:


Ravenscraig People



Image 1 - People

Sir Robert Scholey Nicknamed “Black Bob” because of the black hard hat he used on site visits © The Glasgow Herald


Tommy Brennan © The Glasgow Herald

Tommy Brennan
© The Glasgow Herald


Quotes from the ‘Gibber Book’

Ravenscraig Management ’57