Museum Live Link

Live Link

We are pleased to introduce our new digital workshops for schools: Museum Live Link. Book in for a virtual visit from one of our friendly and knowledgeable learning team who will lead topic based activities for your class, while keeping you safe in your covid bubbles.

What’s included?

Resource Box

Each live link session will be approx. 45 min in length and includes a short presentation, topic activities, and a chance for questions from the class.

We’ll deliver a resource box to your school in advance of the session which contains replica objects, information for teachers and resources for an optional extension activity. The contents can be used in the class during and after the visit in line with your school’s Covid-19 guidelines.

Choose from one of our most popular topics; Romans, Tartan & Tweed, WWII, Victorians, and When Gran Was A Girl.  We can also offer WWI and Industrial Revolution related topics for secondary classes up to national 5 level.

The cost of a session £25.

We can deliver live links on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays via Microsoft teams on Glow. If you wish a different day of the week, or platform for delivery, then please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you needs.

To discuss a booking, what’s involved or an alternative topics please get in touch with us.

For All Museum Live Link enquiries please email


WWII The HomefrontMuseum Live Link

Live link themes are all related to the Homefront during WWII including air raids, blackouts, evacuation and rationing.

Can you identify the mystery objects, all of which were used during the Second World War?

Put yourself in the shoes of children during the Second World War and try to come up with a speech bubble for each historic photo.

Extension Activity: We’ll leave the class with 4 themed boxes containing objects, photos and information from the period. Working in groups the children should try to identify the contents and report back to the class about their suitcase/theme either verbally or a short written report. Information sheets are provided for teachers.


Tartan & Tweed

We’ll talk you through the process of weaving from sheep to shawl using on screen images and traditional weaving tools.

The session will include demonstrations of the traditional skills and tools used by weavers as well as discussions about pattern and in particular tartan.

Extension Activity: We’ll provide a class set of weaving looms and instructional videos so pupils can complete their own piece of weaving.



Live link themes include the Romans in Lanarkshire, pottery, coins, and the bathhouse.

Pottery shards and coins: What can we find out about the Romans from what they left behind?

Can you identify these mystery replica items which the Romans may have used in everyday life?

Extension Activity: We’ll leave you with a box containing a set of replica Roman armour and teacher notes, to demonstrate the prowess of the Roman army.


When Gran Was A Girl

The main live link themes are housework, toys and games in the past.

Can you match up your tag with one of the olden day objects from the box? Some of them look similar to things we use today but some may be a bit trickier.

We’ll show you some traditional toys and demonstrate how to use them.

Extension Activity: We’ll leave a box of traditional toys and games to be played with. These can be used inside or out.



Live link themes include the life of a Victorian child.

Can you guess what these mystery Victorian objects are?

The Victorian School

Extension Activity: We’ll leave you with four themed boxes each containing objects and archive information about Victorian children’s working lives. Working in groups the children should try to identify the contents and report back to the class about their suitcase/theme either verbally or in a short written report. Information sheets are provided for teachers.


Covid-19 Safety Guide For Live Link Sessions

Resource boxes are delivered to your school on a Friday to allow 72 hrs to quarantine before use.

We’ll contact your school in advance to enable contactless delivery and drop-off.

We will clean all possible resources in-between use.

Handling objects can be passed around the class by teachers; we are happy for your pupils to also touch the items as per your own covid-19 guidelines. Alternatively, they can be handled/ demonstrated by the class teacher. We recommend that teachers and pupils wash or sanitise their hands before and after handling.

Do not share the resources out with your class bubble or group.

After use return all items to the box and close the lid.