Museums and Heritage Outreach

DSC_6202For schools in North Lanarkshire council area, we can visit you in school with four great workshops: All of the workshops include object handling, discussion and hands-on activities. The total cost is £97 and this includes: travel, staff time and two 90 minute sessions of the same workshop. Workshops can be adapted to suit your pupils’ needs. Please note, due to cost, we don’t offer single sessions or two different workshops on the same visit. Please call 01236 638352 to discuss your requirements

Primary School

Scottish Knights and Castles

Second Level P3-6 / £97

Discover more about medieval Lanarkshire. Pupils will learn about the role of the castle, medieval food and banquets, discuss what a knight did and enjoy some hands-on fun with full size replica armour.

S0C 2-04a


The Romans

Second Level P4-6 / £97

Discover more about the Romans in Scotland. Learn about the food they ate, the clothes they wore and the impact of the Roman army on Lanarkshire. Pupils will also have the opportunity to handle full size replica armour and domestic objects and even try on a toga. S0C 2-04a


Scottish Identity: Tartan and Tweed

First Level P1-3 and Second Level

P4-7 / £97

Where does wool come from? How is it woven in to cloth? Find out the story of tweed and tartan. Pupils will also have hands-on experience carding, spinning and weaving. Each pupil will take home a small woven item. TCH 1-11a / SOC1-02a or TCH 2-11a / SOC 2-02a


Hitting the Bottle

Second Level P6-7 / £97

This workshop will focus on social attitudes to alcohol in Scotland and encourage young people to explore through objects, drama and discussion, exploring the sorts of decisions that they may have to make in everyday life. HWB

2-16A Our Alcohol Awareness loan box is also available to borrow.


Early years

Outreach – Wash day

Early level / Pre-5s £97 for 4 sessions x 45 mins each

Soap suds and wash boards. Scrubbing and cleaning. Learn about washing your clothes with a rhyme, a story and some soapy water play. SOC 0-01a Our Wash Day loan box is also available to borrow.


If your school is outwith North Lanarkshire Council please call 01236 638352 to discuss, as an additional travel charge will apply. Maximum class size is 33 pupils. Each session lasts 90 minutes.