Frequently Asked Questions

Discovery Room, Airdrie

Do you have a newspaper archive?

We have the Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser, The Coatbridge Express, The Coatbridge Leader and a number of other, shorter lived publications, all on microfilm.

Should we book a microfilm reader in advance?

Our microfilm readers are available for all visitors to use free of charge. If you want to be certain of being able to use one of them during your visit it is recommended to book it in advance. This is especially advisable if you are travelling a long way to use the facility. Call the Local Studies Room on 01236 758073 to make a reservation.

Do you have a photocopier?

There is a photocopier in the Local Studies Room. It can produce A4  and A3 photocopies.

Is this where we can look up our family tree?

You can search for your ancestors in the local Censuses, Parish Registers and various other indices and publications held in Local Studies. You can also use one of our Public Access computers to search genealogical sites on the web.

Do you have birth, death and marriage certificates here?

No. To obtain a certificate you would have to go to an Area Registration Office (the Registrar’s Office) for them. The nearest one to Airdrie Library is Willowbank House, 37 Alexander Street, Airdrie. They can also be obtained from a number of other General Register Office facilities including:

  • The Scotland’s People Centre, General Register House, Princes Street, Edinburgh
  • The Genealogy Centre, Mitchell Library, North Street, Glasgow
  • The Scotland’s People Website

All of these facilities charge a fee.

Would you help us with Scotland’s People?

Staff at the Local Studies Discovery Room would be pleased to assist you in searching for Scottish births, marriages, deaths, census records, wills and valuation roll information on the Scotland’s People website.

Do you have old mining company employee records?

No. Try searching the catalogues of the Scottish Archive Network or the National Archives of Scotland.

What areas do you have the Census for?

We have complete runs of the Census (1841 – 1901) for Old Monkland Parish (Coatbridge area) and New Monkland Parish (Airdrie area). We also have limited coverage for Shotts Parish (1841 – 1881)

We also have the whole 1881 UK National Census on a searchable CD ROM.

The 1911 Census in only available online through the Scotland’s People website.

Do you have the local Electoral Registers (Voters Rolls)?

Current electoral registers for Airdrie and Shotts Constituency Area can be viewed in Airdrie Library. Current registers for Coatbridge and Chryston Constituency are available in Coatbridge Library, Buchanan Centre, 126 Main Street, Coatbridge, ML5 3BJ.

Airdrie Local Studies Room holds archived Electoral Registers for the Burgh of Airdrie (1919 – 1975 incomplete), the Burgh of Coatbridge, (1919 – 1975 incomplete) Monklands District (1976 – 1995), Airdrie & Shotts Constituency area (1996 – last year) and Coatbridge & Chryston Constituency area (1996 – 2004).

Can you give me information from the Electoral Registers over the phone?

No. Electoral Register guidelines issued by Lanarkshire Joint Valuation Board prohibit staff from divulging information over the phone from electoral registers less than 75 years old. Registers within the restricted years may be viewed in person in Airdrie Local Studies Room.

I’m buying my Council House. Can I photocopy the old electoral registers to prove I have lived there long enough?

No, this is not permitted. For Council House purchasers we have a special dispensation from the Electoral Registration Officer to confirm to other departments within North Lanarkshire Council that the purchaser was a registered voter at that address on requested dates. We send a letter with this information to the relevant North Lanarkshire Council department. A fee of £5 is charged for this service, payable in advance.