Let’s Go

**In line with government advice, Let’s Go Easter events have been cancelled. To read our full statement, please click here.**

Let’s Go Easter is going digital

With our venues and libraries closed, our original Let’s Go Easter plans have been cancelled. CultureNL Libraries have created a digital version for you all to get involved in this Easter. Take part in their challenges and feel free to tag them on social media too.

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Get involved in our daily challenges:

LGE Digital

Saturday 4 April

Create an Easter Card.
Get creative and make an Easter-inspired card for a special person in your family.

LGE Digital

Sunday 5 April

Read your favourite book.
Find a lovely reading nook in your home and get comfy with your favourite book.

LGE Digital

Monday 6 April

Make an Easter basket.
Everyone needs an Easter basket for their Easter eggs. Get creative with papercrafts to make one.

LGE Digital

Tuesday 7 April

Draw a comic strip with the Easter bunny.
We all love comics so use your imagination and make your very own Easter comic starring a bunny.

LGE Digital

Wednesday 8 April

Paint your favourite book character.
Whether it’s Harry Potter, Horrid Henry or someone else, we want to your picture of them.

LGE Digital

Thursday 9 April

Listen to a story on BorrowBox.
Grab your headphones and look up a great story to listen to on BorrowBox.

LGE Digital

Friday 10 April

Decorate an egg.
With the help of a grown up, decorate a colourful egg ready for rolling.

LGE Digital

Saturday 11 April

Eat an Easter egg.
This is our favourite challenge. Open your Easter eggs and eat them. Just don’t eat too many.

LGE Digital

Sunday 12 April

Roll your egg.
It wouldn’t be Easter without rolling an egg, find somewhere safe at home to give your egg a roll.

LGE Digital

Monday 13 April

Create a picture using foil from your Easter eggs.
Get creative and recycle that foil into artwork.

LGE Digital

Tuesday 14 April

Write a love letter to your library.
Do you miss us as much as we miss you? Post us a letter online.

LGE Digital

Wednesday 15 April

Read a story to someone else.
There’s nothing like sharing a story. Share one with someone important to you.

LGE Digital

Thursday 16 April

Write an Easter egg story.
After all this Easter fun, try your hand at writing a fun story.

LGE Digital

Friday 17 April

Tell us what your favourite challenge was.
Have you enjoyed our daily challenges?


Don’t forget to share your attempts at our daily challenges with CultureNL Libraries on social media where possible.