Ceramics Classes at Pather Artworks


Classes will return on 16 August

Adult Ceramics Classes

£7/£6 Concession

16 years+

Relaxed and informal classes for beginners and experienced participants alike. Work through a range of projects using different ceramics techniques.

Mondays                          1.30pm – 3pm

Tuesdays                          1.30pm – 3pm

Wednesdays                    11am – 12.30pm

Wednesdays                    1.30pm – 3pm (drop in pottery)

Thursdays                         1.30pm – 3.30pm


Ceramics Evening Class for Adults

£7.50/£6.50 Concession

16 years+

An open class for adults, covering beginners to those with more advanced skills.

Tuesdays                          6pm – 8pm

Wednesdays                    6pm – 8pm

Thursdays                         6pm – 8pm

Please note, our Wednesday class will begin on 2 June and Thursday class will begin on 10 June.


kid is colouring a vase made of pottery with watercolours from a watercolour paletteCrafty Kids

£5.50 (all materials supplied)

8 years+

Fun, skills-based class that offers drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. Enjoy some afterschool fun!

Tuesdays                          4pm – 5pm


Adult Studio Ceramics

£7.50/£6.50 Concession

16 years+

An open class for adults of all abilities, who wish to work on more complex work.

Thursdays                         10am – 12pm

Please note, this class will begin on Thursday 10 June.


For further information on our classes and to book, please call Pather Artworks on 01698 351559.