Michael Sherry Memorial Centre

Michael Sherry Senior Citizen Centre was built in 1976 for use by the senior citizens in the immediate area.

The centre is used by the senior citizens and the community alike. Activities taking place include: lunch clubs, dance classes, craft classes, bowling clubs, bingo nights, church activities, community councils and MSP surgeries.

Any well-organised social function would be welcomed to the Michael Sherry Senior Citizen Centre. Sporting activities are not recommended for this type of venue.


Michael Sherry Senior Citizen Centre has a large hall with a fixed set up. The hall can retain a maximum of 90 persons for a seated dinner and dance set up.

Kitchen facilities are recommended for re-heating of food only and are therefore ideal for catering for hot buffets and heating of ready prepared food. There is also a small domestic fridge available.


There is a bus stop approximately 50 yards from the centre.

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Disabled access

This facility is well suited to persons requiring wheelchair access. There are disabled access points to the building, and all facilities are on the ground level. There are also specially adapted disabled toilets available.

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Our Catering Services can cater for children’s parties; provide tea, coffee, scones, buffets and sit down meals at events – all at very competitive prices.

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