Service Performance

CultureNL monitors the performance of its services in a variety of ways. Museums & Archives and Library performance is monitored via a series of key performance indicators covering library and museum usage, digital users of the library, and the number of people engaging in museum learning experiences.

Within our venues and community arts services we monitor the number of attendances at events at CultureNL venues, and the number of customers engaged in community arts activities.

In our community facilities service we monitor the number of people attending bookings in community facilities, the total number of bookings in community facilities and the total number of bookings in schools.


Library Statistics

CultureNL monitors the general statistical performance of the library service on an annual basis. This includes the monitoring of item issues and returns, footfall, the number of PC bookings we receive and the number of active borrowers we have. An active borrower is a library member who has borrowed an item on their ticket within the last 12 months.

Library Service Performance for 2018/19