Photomedia School Workshops

During term time school workshops are delivered in the Photomedia Studio that link in with the Summerlee Museum Education Workshop programme. CPD sessions can also be provided on request for teachers and support workers.



Session lasts 90 minutes

Suitable for P3 – P5, £44

Science, Technology and Art collide in this exciting workshop.

Pupils will discover by:

  • Investigating how domestic objects and the materials they are made of have developed over the years.
  • Recording evidence using modern digital equipment to see for themselves how science and technology have changed their lives.
  • Making large scaled photo posters to take back to school

Curriculum for Excellence cross-curricular experiences and outcomes include Ard and Design, Science Materials and Social Studies/Technology.


The Photomedia Studio offers secondary school groups the opportunity to work in traditional and digital photography, film making and the moving image and computer music making.

To find out more about what the Photomedia Studio can offer your school group, call 01236 638463.

Tailor made workshops can be arranged for groups and organisations. For further details on these and other Photomedia initiatives please call 01236 638463 or email