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Nurture | Online learning opportunities brought to you by LogintoLearn

If you feel you want to challenge your mind there are loads of free online courses available. We’ve decided to highlight some of the best platforms.

Online Courses

Have a look at some of these platforms to see if something catches your imagination for learning.


LearnMyWay is an excellent starting point for basic online skills. All of the courses are currently available. Some of our LogintoLearn centres are registered with LearnMyWay so if you’re registering on the site please use the following centre numbers:

  • Coatbridge Library LogintoLearn Centre – 8005811
  • Cumbernauld Library LogintoLearn Centre – 3457691
  • Motherwell Library LogintoLearn Centre – 3454585


GCFlearnfree contains a range of learning, mainly around computer skills although there are some core skills units too. The courses link to videos and also exercises to try out your new skills.

Microsoft Training Center

From this site, follow the links for various pieces of software such as Word, Excel and Outlook for an overview and help.

Google Digital Garage

This is Google’s online learning portal. Sign in and create your own account in order to record your progress. Course on here are mainly business based. The Applied Digital Skills section offers some more basic learning on using digital tools for everyday tasks.


The Open University has over 800 free courses (and others that you pay for) on their site, ranging from quick basic introductory courses to long involved ones. The easiest way to find the free courses is to go into the Subjects tab, find the area you’re interested in and then select the Free Courses option. You can then use the options on the left-hand menu to help narrow results down further if need be. Courses can be started at any times and, if you create a free user account, you can record your progress. Maybe it’s time to pick up a new language as you plan for that next holiday once we’re able to travel again.


FutureLearn has a range of free online courses that you can complete. Courses are drawn from a range of Universities throughout the world and other institutions. The courses may only run at certain times – however, many have been made available at this time to reflect the demand for online learning.

My World Of Work

If you are furloughed worker or want to develop your skills, you can access online courses at your own convenience with a flexible way to learn.