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Explore the world virtually while we are in isolation and lockdown. Travel to some of the World’s most famous places online and visit online – lots of museums, art galleries and other organisations are available online.

Arts and Museums

From virtual tours, exploring archives virtually or getting a close look at digital versions of the most famous artwork in the World, there are some great ways to explore collections.

Google Arts and Culture

artsandculture.google.com (also available as an app)

Google has been working with museums and galleries worldwide to digitised collections. You can browse through lots of themed sections. visit museums worldwide and, just like using Google Maps, look around and explore lots of them. This is a chance to get up close to some of the most famous pieces of art. There are lots of other places to go visit too – including 360-degree videos of worlds heritage sites. You can even take in the view from the platform on the Eiffel Tower or wander around the National History Museum in London. Our favourite recent discovery on here? – In 1756 Professor William Cullen made ice appear in a lab in Glasgow, this was the first time that humans had achieved artificial refrigeration.


A scan and discover art app.

This app has free audio and visual tours for a lot of museums and galleries worldwide. You might not be able to go and visit in person, but this app provides a perfect coronavirus escape.

National Galleries of Scotland


The Art and Artist section lets you explore their art collection from home. Each Monday, they are posting 5 creative challenges for ‘children of all ages’ around a piece of work in the collections.

CultureNL Museum’s Online Collection


You can learn more about North Lanarkshire lives, past and present, by exploring digitised objects and information from our friends and colleagues in CultureNL Museums.

Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre have a live stream at 10am each day on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Videos are also being shared on their YouTube channel where you can go back and watch all of the activities they have shared so far.

Other Organisations

Some other organisations can literally take you out of this world while exploring the universe or help you discover the wonders of this planet.



You don’t need to confine your exploration to Earth – NASA have a vast amount of information to explore on their website. In the Missions section you can explore lots of images taken over the past 30 years from the Hubble telescope. There are a lot of resources too in the NASA audiences section including colouring pages, games and other activities.

Edinburgh Zoo Webcams


Edinburgh Zoo have a variety of webcams in some of their enclosures allowing you to still get a fantastic view of their pandas, penguins, tigers and koalas. Bring the wildlife into your living room.


Use technology to discover nature.


This free app is a bird guide to identify birds. Its a great way to learn how to identify a bird by either taking a photo of the bird you see in your garden or when you are out walking and upload it on Merlin. It will identify the bird or create a list of possible matches. You can also search by size of bird, colour, location etc. This app was developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It is a entertaining and educational at the same time. Cornell Lab of Ornithology also have an online guide to birds and bird watching online at www.allaboutbirds.org.


This is a plant identification app which helps identify flowers, plants and trees. You can snap a photo of a leaf of a plant/flower/tree and upload it to Leafsnap and it will assist you in making a positive ID. You can also read more detailed information about the leaf you have uploaded.