Virtual Chatty Café

Macmillan Friendly Chatty Café

The Virtual Chatty Café is open to all

The Chatty Café is a better way to hang out remotely. In partnership with Macmillan in Lanarkshire, we will introduce a range of topics to discuss such as films, books and music and generally have a good chat.

What is the Virtual Chatty Café?

The Virtual Chatty Café is a simple idea. It offers a safe and informal space to help those who may be feeling a little lonely and isolated due to the current circumstances.

There’s no agenda or commitment, just the chance to meet some like-minded people from far and wide and enjoy some honest laughter and good conversation.

So why not pour yourself a cuppa and pop along for a chat.

Who is it for and when is it on?

The Virtual Chatty Café door is open to all. We will run a session every 3 weeks so keep your eyes peeled. It’s free, quick and easy to sign up. Once you have signed up, we will send you an email invitation which will include a date, time and link to join the Virtual Chatty Café.

Virtual Chatty Café
Next date: Friday 29 October, 2pm | via Webex

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