Read Well NL

Read Well NL

The 6 Minutes Reading Challenge is back

Challenge starts Monday 10 January, registration online open now!

Reading regularly is proven to have huge benefits to your health and wellbeing. That’s why we are once again launching our Read Well NL reading challenge in early 2022.

You can sign up to take part in the challenge online now and soon in our libraries too. Record how long you read each day for 10 weeks from Monday 10 January. Challenge yourself to read regularly during this period and feel the stress-relieving benefits of escapism between the pages of a good book.

So what is the challenge? We’d like you to signup using the form below so that we know you’re taking part, alternatively sign up in your local library. After that, read for at least 6 minutes per day from Monday 10 January or from the day you sign up until the end of the challenge on Friday 18 March. Let us know that you complete the challenge by dropping us an email at the end to or by telling your local library.

You can use our BorrowBox service to get access to eBook and eAudiobooks as well as using books you borrow from the library in person.

    Download your record sheet

    We’ve created a record sheet that you can download and fill out each day of the challenge to help you keep track of how you’re doing. Mark in the number of minutes you read each day and feel proud of your reading dedication at the end of the challenge. Download the record sheet here.