Philosophy Café

Do you find yourself questioning the way the world is? Do you have an interest in matters philosophical? Do you enjoy a good debate no matter the topic? Or do you just sometimes like to think a little bit differently?

Come along to the Philosophy Café at Coatbridge Library.

The Philosophy Café will be running every month at Coatbridge Library, offering opportunities for open discussions on a wide range of topical and philosophical issues.

In the next session of the Philosophy Café series, we shall focus on testimonial injustice. In particular, we will discuss why it happens, its different varieties and how it could be avoided. Crucially, we will rely on both philosophical insights and news material. We hope that doing so will facilitate the discussion and arouse more interest in the audience.

Next Meeting

Coatbridge Library
Thursday 6 June, 2pm
01236 856444 |

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Buchanan Centre | 126 Main Street | Coatbridge | ML5 3BJ

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