Philosophy Café

Do you find yourself questioning the way the world is? Do you have an interest in matters philosophical? Do you enjoy a good debate no matter the topic? Or do you just sometimes like to think a little bit differently?

Come along to the Philosophy Café at Coatbridge Library.

The Philosophy Café will be running every month at Coatbridge Library, offering opportunities for open discussions on a wide range of topical and philosophical issues.

This month the topic will be political participation and what if we could no longer vote? Recent unexpected results from democratic contexts, such as the election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brasil, Donald Trump in the U.S. and Brexit, have raised concerns about the voter’s capacity for political participation. Some researchers argue that the unexpected results come from what they call ‘widespread voter’s ignorance’. Therefore, they suggest we should shift from democracy, towards implementing some sort of ‘expert rule’ instead. One of these ideas involves restricting political participation, in order to, make it available only for those who can prove they are well-informed enough to vote. We will discuss our views on making such a shift. Is there something especially valuable about political participation? Are there any relevant consequences for us if we were no longer able to participate?

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Thursday 24 October, 2pm
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