Philosophy Café

Do you find yourself questioning the way the world is? Do you have an interest in matters philosophical? Do you enjoy a good debate no matter the topic? Or do you just sometimes like to think a little bit differently?

Come along to the Philosophy Café at Coatbridge Library.

The Philosophy Café will be running every month at Coatbridge Library, offering opportunities for open discussions on a wide range of topical and philosophical issues.

Our next session will focus on Fake News. Our current social and political climate has drawn attention to the phenomenon of fake news both as a form of misleading news report and as a propaganda tool designed to shut down political disagreements. Our discussion will touch on both aspects of this recent phenomenon: first, a focus on the challenges that deceitful information poses to our society and talk about the possible strategies we can adopt to prevent them; second, an attempt to pinpoint instances of propaganda caused by the phenomenon of fake news, and explore how this affects our beliefs and freedom of expression. This session will take place on Thursday 11 July, 2pm.

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Coatbridge Library
Thursday 11 July, 2pm
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