Promoting Stay at Home Safety with your Library Card

Around this time last year, we starting an online campaign called #LibraryCardsOnTour to see how far and wide our library cards to travel the world over the summer months. We had intended to bring that campaign back this summer however nature has had other plans.

But we won’t be stopped with showing off our library cards, so in order to promote a stay home stay safe culture, we are asking our library members to share their #LibraryCardsInIsolation. We have a few do’s and don’t’s so here goes:

  • Do stay safe while taking part, the cards should be photographed in your home or garden area.
  • Do have fun while showing your #LibraryCardsInInsolation.
  • Don’t share a picture which highlights any personal information.
  • Don’t share a picture which makes your location obvious.

So get your library card, get creative with your camera and tag us on Twitter with your best efforts. Don’t forget to use the #LibraryCardsInIsolation hashtag. We’ll retweet all entries that we are tagged in.