Local Studies (North Lanarkshire’s War)

From nurses to Victoria Cross winners, the people of North Lanarkshire were a vital part of the nation’s First World War effort both at home and in the trenches.

The ‘North Lanarkshire’s War’ project will aim to gather together our communities’ personal family stories and artefacts, in an effort to understand how this great conflict affected and was felt here at home.

We are interested in all First World War-related local stories and items, and our Local Studies team can help uncover the hidden tales behind them. We can also advise on family history, regimental matters, the origins of medals awarded and a whole host of other related matters.

Family or local stories need not be ‘exciting’ – we are interested in all sorts of local First World War material.

For more information of upcoming ‘North Lanarkshire’s War’ Local Studies events, please search this section of our website or use the hashtag #NLWar on Twitter.

To tell us about a First World War story you may wish to share, please email us at ww1@culturenl.co.uk, and include your name and contact number.