Home Delivery FAQs

Who is eligible to access this service?

This free delivery service of books and other items is available to all North Lanarkshire residents who are temporarily or permanently confined to their home due to disability, infirmity, illness or being the carer of someone affected by these conditions.


When will the home delivery service restart?

The home delivery service restarted on Monday 31st August 2020.


What safety precautions have you put in place?

Our drivers will be wearing gloves and masks when they deliver items to your door. They will also ensure they are 2 metres away when you open the door to pick up your items.


Is the delivery driver still able to enter my home to drop off items?

It isn’t possible for our delivery drivers to enter your home to drop off or collect items due to our COVID safety protocols.


How do you sanitise the items you are lending?

All items returned to us will be quarantined for 72 hours before we loan them out again. We will also ensure that all items in our stock being loaned out for the first time are quarantined for 72 hours before hand.


How can I join the home delivery service?

If wish to apply for the home delivery service, please phone us on 01698 524790 or email us at outsideservices@culturenl.co.uk. We will then conduct a telephone interview with you to check eligibility and find out what kind of items you wish to borrow.