Photography and Film Courses

Light Lab Workshop

Fantasy Animation – Fairies, Unicorns, Monsters and Superheroes

Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 August
Summerlee Photomedia Studio 11am-2pm
8-13 years, £15

A two-day workshop led by an animation artist. Explore your drawing skills and create your own fantastical characters, then bring them to life through the animation process with the addition of sound and music.
Booking is essential – please call 01236 632828.

The Light Lab
Summerlee Photomedia Studio
Wednesday 5 October
10-12 years, £5

Light Artist Kenny Bean explores the science of light creatively in a series of visual experiments. These include splitting white light using LED torches and prisms, colour mixing black to white, drawing with Ultra Violet, using a wearable camera obscura and seeing your energy transferred into colour using polariser filters on light boxes.
Booking is essential – please call 01236 632828.

Studio/Flash Lighting Workshop
Sunday 9 October
Summerlee Photomedia Studio
16 years+, £16

Join a professional photographer on this popular one-day workshop aimed at people wanting to ‘skillup’ for those special events, as well as those important social and family occasions. You will be taken through the studio setup from the beginning, covering aperture, speed, ISO and some standard lighting set-ups, through to using light modifiers. This workshop gives you plenty of hands on learning throughout the day, with the opportunity to learn how to work with a model. Suitable for beginners with some experience of cameras, as well as those with a little more photographic knowledge and ability. Booking is essential – please call 01236 632828.

Photo Field Trip – The Gems in our Midst
Tuesday 18 October
14 years+, £10 per person
Leaves from and returns to Summerlee Museum, Coatbridge.

Accompanied by one of CultureNL’s photography tutors, get some expert tuition photographing some of the historic, cultural and tourist attractions North Lanarkshire has to offer. Limited places available. Booking is essential – please call 01236 632828.

Animation Workshop – Have you got TIME?
Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 October
Summerlee Photomedia Studio
11am-2pm 8-13 years, £15

A two-day workshop using TIME as the theme for this creative animation activity. TIME is a great topic for creating a story. What happens when you lose it, step back in time or become a time traveller? The story is yours for the making! Let your imagination go wherever it takes you! Explore the galaxies or stay closer to home as your story takes shape, comes to life and becomes fully animated. Booking is essential – please call 01236 632828.

Events Days at Summerlee Museum

Affordable and unique mementos of your visit to Summerlee are regularly available during event days at the museum. Drop by the Ironworks building or the Miners’ Cottages to pick up a digital photo memento or period photo portrait
of your day out.

Tailor-made photomedia workshops can be arranged for groups and organisations. For further details on these and other
photomedia initiatives, please call 01236 638463 or email