Apple Box / Fluidhead Film Club


Photomedia Studio’s Applebox and Fluidhead film clubs allow you to learn film-making, animation, editing, music and digital effects.

Both clubs have regular film shoots around topics or projects during the year. If you are interested in joining, keep an eye on Photomedia website for upcoming events at or follow us on social media to keep up to date.

For general enquiries about Photomedia classes, activities and equipment call 01236 638463 or email

Apple Box Film Club

Saturdays • 11am-1pm • 8-13yrs • £6 per class

Photomedia Studio Summerlee Museum

Fun-filled film making workshops for those keen on starting early on their Hollywood career. Learn animation, editing, music and digital effects and work on some exciting outreach projects.

Fluidhead Film Club

Saturdays • 11am-1pm • 14-18 yrs • £6 per class

This club is a ‘step-on’ from Applebox, for those interested in learning with their peers about script writing, film/lighting and editing. It’s suited to all teenagers with an interest in films or film making, and to those who are keen to move on to the next level with their film making skills – so, for all levels!

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