North Lanarkshire Children’s Theatre presents….

The WoolgatherersThe Woolgatherers

Date: Sunday 8 June 2014
Time: 16:00
Venue: Motherwell Concert Hall
Tickets: £6.00 / £3.50

intr.v. wool’gath’er*er n.  To engage in fanciful daydreaming.

In a time of new technology and online gaming, some young people have forgotten how to create their own entertainment and use their own imagination.  That’s where the Woolgatherers come in.  Their job is to open up the door of your imagination.  But what happens when the door between reality and fantasy won’t close?

The Woolgatherers was commissioned and first produced by Tron Participation at Tron Theatre, Glasgow June 2009.

CultureNL gratefully acknowledges Tron Participation’s new online resource – Ten Plays For Ten Years for The Woolgatherers.  This resource celebrates new writing and performance for the youth arts sector.  Further information can be found using the link at the right hand side of your screen.

Suitable for all the family.

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